Bangkok Pattaya Taxi Service

airport transfersTraveling in an unfamiliar foreign country can be daunting at first, so let us take care of your Bangkok Pattaya Taxi service for you and let you start your Pattaya trip in pure relaxation...

Our Pattaya hotel, Thailand offers a convenient Pattaya taxi service which will pick you up or drop you off at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport.

This Suvarnabhumi airport transfer service great service for travelers who are not familiar with the airport and removes the hassle of arranging transport to and from the hotel.

We can arrange for one of our Pattaya Taxi Drivers to come and pick you up from the airport, which eliminates the hassle of organizing buses, hailing taxis or trains yourself. Our Bangkok Pattaya Taxi service also has sufficient space to carry your entire luggage, making it the best Suvarnabhumi Airport Transfer service from the best hotel in Pattaya.

At the end of your stay, use our convenient Pattaya taxi service to travel back to Bangkok airport.

WE CHARGE ONLY 1500 baht (all tolls included, 2 people)

3 People is 1800 baht and more than 3 people is 2600 baht

Driver Staging Area

Once you have retrieved your luggage and cleared customs at BKK International (Suvarnabhumi) airport, you are going to look for the blue signs overhead referring to an area called "the meeting point". Proceed towards this area. Along the footpath you will start to notice several drivers with name cards & signs with their respective customers names on them. You are going to be heading towards the gate 3 exit area by the meeting point. If you see a driver by the gate 1 or 2 exits with a sign for you, these are not your drivers, so please keep proceeding towards the meeting point.

Once you get into view of the gate 3 information desk along the footpath and the exit, you will start to look to both sides of the footpath for the driver with your name on the sign card. If you have actually passed the gate 3 exit doors, you have gone too far. Please walk back and look for your driver in that immediate area on the footpath.

If you cannot locate your driver, you are going to go directly to the information desk by the gate 3 exit. If you have your own phone, please call us, or use the courtesy phone at the information desk. Our direct line is 0838-95-6668 .



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