1. FREE Wi-Fi Internet.
  2. For those who do not have notebook, we do have computer in the lobby for your convenience(charges apply)
  3. Self Service Laundry, machines are located in the 5th floor, the roof. There are 3 coin operated machines. 6kg ,9kg,12kg -40baht, 60baht-80baht(respectively). You can purchase washing powder and softener from the reception only 20 baht each. Alternatively we can do washing for you at very competitive prices in Pattaya.
  4. We do sell a number of personal hygiene products at very low prices,all are available in each room or reception.
  5. Restaurant is open daily and serves extremely delicious meals prepared by professional, experienced and skilled chef at very competitive prices. We offer European, Thai and Russian dishes. Restaurant is open daily from 9am-20pm and you are welcome to have a meal there or order room service.
  6. Mini bar offers a variety of drinks, including soft drinks and beers.
  7. International Calls are also available from Reception at very reasonable rates
  8. Airport transfer by private luxury car with English speaking driver, other destinations also available for prices, please contact reception
  9. Our main bar is open 24 hours per day and offers all the popular alcoholic drinks again at very low prices. We have a large selection of wine for your enjoyment.
  10. We do not have an elevator
  11. We do have limited car parking,reservations must be made in advance.
  12. Motorbike parking is available for hotel guests only





To make sure you have a pleasant stay and to prevent any misunderstandings, please read when checking in.It is implied you’re familiar and agree to adhere.Violation of rules may result in all penalties being applied without prior warning and in the cancellation of the reservation, full amount being charged for un-stayed nights.

Check in/check out time 

Check in after 14:00pm.  Check out before 12:00pm 

Late checkout/Early Check in 

Late Checkout 

100β per hour ONLY if room is available After 17pm-Full Room Rate

Early Check in 

100β for every hour until the check in time,ONLY if room is available 

Mini bar deposit 

1000β refundable mini bar deposit is charged at the time of check in. No Credit cards. However hotel can accept

US$40, AU$40, GBP£25, EURO€30 

Children policy 

No extra beds are provided, and children under 8 are charged at 200β/day per child, over 8 are charged 500β/day 

Extra beds

Hotel don’t provide extra beds, hotel does not have rooms with twin beds 

Documentation required

Under Section 38 of Thai Immigration Act, all foreigners must present current passport along with arrival card. 
All Thai Nationals must present valid ID Card.
All guests and visitors must have valid ID.

Number of persons per room

Maximum 2 persons per room. Only a person registered at the reception may use the accommodation facilities. Visitors are NOT allowed in rooms, please use hotel lobby or restaurant for socializing and meetings.


Rooms booked for 1 Person occupancy incur 300β fee per joiner per visit 

Rooms booked for 2 person occupancy-1 person is free, second person at the same time 500β per visit

Rooms with 2 registered guests can not have any joiners


Hotel has limited luggage storage facility. 100β per day per bag will be charged. 


Hotel has very limited parking space available. 

Cars are charged 100β per day and motorcycles 50β per day. 

Motorcycles rented from hotel receive FREE parking 


Rooms 204, 205,304,305,404,405- standard rooms without a balcony are strictly non smoking rooms. Smoke detectors are fitted and 500β per day will be charged for failing to comply. 

Other rooms with balcony, smoking is allowed, however we ask you to be considerate to others and smoke on the balcony 

Smoking in stair cases is not allowed. 

Smoking in the lobby while restaurant is open not allowed 

Smoking by the bar or pool table is allowed, if no other guests object 

Room Cleaning and Bed Linen

Rooms are cleaned on daily basis 9am-17pm. 

Towels are changed daily.2 towels provided daily. If you require an extra towel, 20β will be charged. 

Stained towels incur 60β cleaning fee, in case stains cannot be removed replacement fee of 400β will be charged

Bed linen is changed every second day.

Do Note: Do not use any oils or hair dying products as it does stain the bed linen. 

Stained bed linen incur 500β cleaning fee, in case stains cannot be removed replacement fee of 3500β will be charged.

Due to sanitation rules, heavily blood stained bed linen cannot be cleaned and replacement fee of 3500β will be charged

Cleaning staff enter the premises in the absence of the guest only, for the purpose of cleaning the room and changing the bed linen, or when there is reason to believe that the premises or the guest are in danger or that the internal rules are being seriously violated. If you prefer to have your room cleaned in your presence, please make prior arrangements with reception.

Food and Drinks 

No Food or Drinks from outside to be consumed in the hotel lobby or restaurant. Failure to comply will result in hotel prices being charged for consumed products without prior warning. 

No outside drinks in the room, Hotel provides very comprehensive mini bar at very competitive if not the best prices in comparison to any other hotel 

Mini Bar 

Hotel provides very comprehensive mini bar. Stock and prices can be found attached on the fridge. It is guest’s responsibility to ensure stocked fridge corresponds with stock and price list. 

Hotel does not provide FREE daily water. Every item in the mini bar or shower bar is chargeable.


Please leave room key with reception. Do not remove or separate key and key tag. 

Lost Keys are charged at 1000β, Lost key tags 1000β 


Please donot take bath towels to the beach. 60β will be charged per towel or 400β in case of damage or heavy stains 

General behavior

Please be considerate of others and do not disturb other guests by screaming, speaking loudly, having TV very loud or slamming doors, especially after 22:00pm to 9:00am 

Hotel lobby is NOT a bedroom for guests to sleep. 

No feet on tables or furniture. 

Sofas and armchairs are provided for guests to sit, NOT to be used for guests to put luggage. 

Please promptly report any malfunctions or failures or breakage to reception

Please take care of hotel inventory, any intentional or unintentional damage will be charged.

Registered guest is responsible for all damages caused by a visitor or a joiner

Rudeness by joiners, will not tolerated in any shape or form and they will be removed from hotel premises promptly.

Please donot walk in public areas,staircases,hotel lobby or restaurant in inappropriate clothing ie:pajamas, underwear,swim wear or bathing suit.

Walking in public areas without clothing is extremely offensive and strictly forbidden.


Hotel charges 150β per pet per day 

Refundable Pet Deposit is 5000β per pet 

Pets are allowed ONLY in Deluxe Plus Deluxe Super Plus or Penthouse Rooms 

Hotel is genuinely involved with local pet charities and also rescues pets.

Hotel pets are all vaccinated, clean and friendly animals.

Please do not kick or abuse our animals, they already had a tough life. If you are not an animal lover simply ignore them and they will not bother you.


PH Hotel is a budget accommodation, we do not have service charge.

As a result, the following fees would be charged

Showing how to insert key tag or turn on lights-20β 

Showing how to turn on TV or use TV Remote-20β 

Showing how to turn on Air or Fan or how to use remote-20β 

Showing or teaching how to operate safe(Operations manual is provided FREE of charge in each room)-60β

Unlocking safe due to incorrect usage-20β

Unlocking safe after hours(irrespective of the reasons)-1000β 

Unlocking safe due to battery failure-FREE 

Unlocking safe if locked at the time of arrival-FREE 

Showing how to open windows or lock door-20β 

Help with carrying bags(if suitable person available)-20β per bag 

Assisting or translating in making your arrangements -20β plus cost of call if using hotels phone or computer

We reserve the right to break the contract and stop providing services to guests if they are in violation of this house rules or if they disturb other visitors with their behaviour. 

Thank you and Enjoy your Stay


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